Proposed E-Cigarette Tax Could Help Pay for Heroin Addiction Treatment, NJ Senator Says

Proposed E-cigarette tax could help pay for heroin addiction treatment, NJ senator says
… should be used to expand drug treatment services and combat the “public health crisis” of heroin and prescription drug addiction in New Jersey, the chairman of the Senate health committee said today. Christie’s proposed budget anticipates $ 35 million …
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As Badals prosper, queues at drug addiction OPDs become longer
On an April evening, it is all quiet at the modern multi-storey Civil Hospital as the sun is setting and a staff nurse grimly narrates the gravity of the drug menace in this once prosperous state of Punjab. ‘‘The quiet that you see now on these …
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Hamilton mother describes journey into heroin addiction, prostitution, jail
But this wasn’t always Combs’ life. Her journey into drug addiction began six years ago, in the back of a car in Dayton with some friends. That’s when she snorted heroin for the first time. Combs described her initial high as “unbelievable.”
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